Friday, 1 February 2013

Google Silent About Wireless Experiment

Google has applied to the FCC for permission to test an experimental wireless system. Is Google about to offer mobile broadband?

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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Orb Audio is practically giving away Mini-T amplifiers when you purchase a it with a pair of Mod 1 speakers

We’ve reviewed Orb Audio speakers and amps a few times here at The Gadgeteer. �If you’d like a refresher of Orb’s great designs and quality, check out Julie’s review of their speakers, and my reviews of their Booster and Mini-T amps. �Orb Audio has just released their 2013 Mini-T amplifier, and they’re making a special [...]

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New Whitney Houston Doc To Air Before GRAMMYs

Whitney Houston waves to the crowd at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards in 1994 after she won Record of the Year for 'I'll Always Love You,' and Album of the Year for 'The Bodyguard' soundtrack. (POOL/AFP/Getty Images)With less than 24 hours before the GRAMMYs were set to go live, Whitney Houston passed away. In a new one-hour special, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at how last year’s show was able to [...]

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QUIK Los Angeles

This week, we pound the pavements of Los Angeles with Austyn Gillette and The Berrics Crew as he charges through the streets, picking some steezy lines that only a skater would see. Shot in a style unlike any clip you've checked out... Prepare to be inspired.

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iPhone users pay higher cell phone bills than any other smartphone user

iPhone users the biggest cash cows for carriers

iPhone users pay more in carrier fees on average than the users of other smartphones. New data indicates that 60% of iPhone users spend at least $100 per month on their cellular plan, with 10% spending $200 or more. Conversely, only 53% of Android users pay over $100 per month, with 7% paying $200 or more. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the company that provided the data, says that this spending has little to do with usage habits, according to the Wall Street Journal:

?We think it has to do with their data plans and carriers, rather than their usage habits,? CIRP co-founder Michael Levin explained. ?They are all on expensive data plans, unlike Android users, some of which are on prepaid or unsubsidized plans with regional carriers.?

This is not really surprising. Verizon and AT&T, the two largest wireless providers in the United States, also charge their customers the most. Plans on Verizon start at $100 per month, with $40 for line access, and $60 for 2 GB of data. By comparison, they charge $10 per month for tablet access. AT&T starts individual customers at $60 per month, with $40 for 450 minutes, $20 for 300 MB of data, and no included text messaging.

But just because the carriers are charging more for these smartphones doesn?t necessarily mean that they are making more money, as the iPhone has higher subsidies than other phones in its class. Carriers use the more expensive plans to make back more of their money faster than they used to.

What is your wireless plan like? Have you found ways of saving money on these plans? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Features Web Hosts Should Have

When it comes to web hosts, you need to understand the variety of services that they offer so you can ensure that you get the services you need. If you are new to building sites and wondering what things you should be looking for, then you need to read through this article. There is a lot of advice in this article that is going to help guide you to figure out what to look for in a web host.

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